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Red Ginseng Tablet

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  • MaterialRaw Ginseng
Gold plus trader Gold Plus Trader


  • South Korea South Korea

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Red ginseng can be made anywhere by anyone.

But its value and potency can never be matched.

Punggi is the first place to cultivate the Ginseng in the world.


Red Ginseng Tablet


Food type: Health Functional Food


It is 100% ginseng product made of 6 year old ginseng powder in the tablet form so that it can be easily ingested or carried, and it is good for people who want to use pure red ginseng product.


Packing unit : 180g (300mg * 200 tablets *3)


Suggested use : Take 3 tablets twice a day with plety of water.


Nutritional information : Enhances innunity, improves fatigue, improves blood flow by suppressing platelet agglutination, improves memory, and has an antioxidant effect.


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Red Ginseng Tablet

Red Ginseng Tablet

Red Ginseng Tablet