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Root Red Ginseng extract meister

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  • MaterialRaw Ginseng
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  • South Korea South Korea
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Red ginseng can be made anywhere by anyone.

But its value and potency can never be matched.

Punggi is the first place to cultivate the Ginseng in the world.


Red Ginseng Extract Meister


Food type: Health Functional Food


"Red ginseng extract Meister" is a concentrated product of high-density made from the best red ginseng, produced by punggi Ginseng cooperative Association, using purified water in the process of extraction, filtering and low-temperature concentration. The raw materials of red ginseng are high quality fresh ginseng grown by the contracted farmer for 6 years.


9.0mg/g of Ginsenoside Rg1, Rb1 and Rg Mixing ratio of raw materials : 75% of red ginseng roots, 25% of ginseng rootlets.


Packing unit : 240g * 1 bottle 


Suggested use : 3times per day, (by making decocted juice)


For whom:

For a person who needs to improve immunity, needs to recover strength, is active in growth period, likes instant food instead of taking a meal


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Root Red Ginseng

Root Red Ginseng